Elevate Your Game with AI+Human Tennis Coach

Unlock Your Potential with Affordable, Personalized Coaching

Welcome to AI+Human Tennis Coach, where cutting-edge AI technology meets expert human coaching to transform your tennis game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced player striving for perfection, our service is designed to help you improve your skills, enjoy the game more, and reach new heights in your tennis journey.

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Why Choose AI+Human Tennis Coach?

Affordable Excellence

  • AI-Powered Analysis: Get precise, detailed feedback on your performance using advanced AI technology powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI.
  • Personalized Coaching: Receive tailored advice on footwork, serve, return, forehand, backhand, volleys, strategy, and mental toughness.
  • Human Expertise: Opt for additional insights from USTA-certified coaches to complement the AI-generated feedback.

Accessible and User-Friendly

  • Simply visit our website, upload your 30-minute gameplay video, and receive personalized feedback via Google Docs or email within hours.
  • Our service is designed to be user-friendly, making top-tier coaching accessible to players of all levels.

Proven Results

  • Focus on key tips provided by our AI and human coaches to see noticeable improvements within six months.
  • Climb the NTRP scale and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving your tennis goals.

How It Works

  1. Upload Your Video: Capture a 30-minute video of your game, upload it to YouTube, Google Photos or Apple Photos and enter the link below.
  2. AI Analysis: Our AI meticulously analyzes your performance frame by frame.
  3. Receive Feedback: Get detailed, tailored feedback from our AI within 24 hours.
  4. Human Coaching Add-On: For an additional fee, receive expert insights from USTA-certified coaches within 24 hours.


AI Coaching

  • $20 per 30-minute video analysis

Human Coaching Add-On

  • $50 per 30-minute video analysis

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